Over the past year, I've become increasingly passionate about reducing my carbon foot print. The whole idea of living a zero waste lifestyle was pretty overwhelming to me at first. There is just so much garbage that I produce in just one day, how could I possibly eliminate all of that!!? but instead of being a complete anxiety ball, I figured I could just try to change a few of the big things that impact my waste and do the most damage. And to me, that is plastic.

photo by @route.usa

photo by @route.usa

A single plastic straw will outlive us by TEN TIMES!

A single plastic straw will outlive us by TEN TIMES! So if I live to be 100 (wishful thinking) my straw is going to live to be 1000! I've already used so many straws in my life. Probably more than one a day, and I'm only 27! I can't go back and un-use all of those straws, plastic bags, coffee cups, or plastic water bottles, but I can change how I use them now.

I'm going to try my very best to have a completely plastic free July but if you are new to this lifestyle, focusing on the BIG FOUR is a really good place to start!

  1. Plastic Bags

  2. Water Bottles

  3. Straws

  4. Take Away Coffee Cups

Replace them with: 

  1. Paper Bags, Mesh Produce Bags, Baskets, or Reusable Shopping Bags

  2. Glass or Stainless Steel Water Bottle

  3. Bamboo, Glass, Paper, or Stainless Steel Straw

  4. Byta or any other reusable to go coffee cup
    (I know there isn't technically a number 5 but I think this one is really important too)

  5. Reusable Cutlery

Buying this bamboo travel utensils made such a difference in my every day! I eat in my car a lot, and often pick up food from Whole Foods, so having at least my own silverware, cuts one plastic thing out of my day which makes me super happy!

I keep loads of reusable shopping bags in my car so I always have them! I think the hardest part about eliminating waste, is eliminating the weird embarrassment that comes with bringing your own things. It isn't the social norm but IT CAN BE! And what I've learned is that more often than not, you will inspire someone else to do the same thing!


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